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Rock’n’Radio The Early Years of Radio

Welcome to the Rock 'n' Radio Serialized Digital Edition. Ian Howarth publishes a new chapter of out takes from his book Rock 'n' Radio ~ When Rock Music and DJ's Ruled the Airwaves. Introduction.. Like the making of a film, where a lot of footage winds up on the...

Don’t Sit on the LP: Vinyl Still in the Game

I'm a Baby Boomer, old enough to have had an intimate relationship with vinyl. My mother, with her record collection (probably handed down by her parents) of mostly 78 rpms, tried diligently to keep her four sons away from them - and the record player. But in some...

A look back at Montreal’s English radio heyday

When artists and groups recorded a hit single in the 1960s, the first priority when mixing it was that it had to sound good on a portable mono 45 RPM record player and, especially, the radio. AM Radio is as far from good sound as one can get, and the already limited...

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